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Taylor HodgettsNov 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM1 min read

ProMax Shared Storage For Your Media Team

What kind of shared storage system should you buy in 2019?

The answer is pretty clear cut its SSDs done.

Okay, but for real, let's go over a couple examples of different types of systems you can get.  So you can do NVMe storage. These are the fastest thing you're going to find they're really pricey and they're typically pretty small you can get larger ones now, but they are extremely expensive because these are basically PCI cards that are made to store data, so they're very very fast. Very expensive.

The other option is a good old spinning hard drive. These guys are mechanical. They've been around forever. They're old as dirt and this one in particular because it's a 2.5 is literally garbage.

Then you got SSDs these are basically the in between for NVMe and hard drives you pretty much have what equates to you know, a memory stick, but it is good capacity, good speed and there's no mechanical bits like a hard drive. So they don't break which hard drives do constantly now unlike that one there are advancements in hard drives. They're getting a lot better. They're getting a lot larger and they're really cheap. So there's still a good option for a sequential data environments, like video editing video streaming Etc.

So for an example, this is a 10 terabyte SAS 12g 7200 RPM Drive. Gets about 250 megabytes per second read performance. If you're not doing you know random reads and writes. It's pretty good performance. If you stack up 16 of those 24 of those you're looking good. They also go from you know, 8 to 16 terabytes or really reasonable price. So it's a good idea. But with the cost of SSDs dropping just go as SSDs.