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Matthew MisterOct 22, 2019 8:49:50 AM< 1 min read

Which protocols does SAN use?

Storage area networks (SAN) are a common storage architecture for businesses that need performance and storage space. A SAN connects servers to a range of block level storage called logical disk units (LUNs). There are several SAN protocols you can use, below is a list of them and a brief description.

  1. Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)FCP is the most commonly used SAN protocol. It used Fibre Channel transport protocols combined with SCSI commands.
  2. iSCSI
    The second most used SAN puts SCSI commands inside Ethernet frame transports them over IP Ethernet
  3. Fibre Channel over Internet
    This protocol is similar to iSCSI in that it puts Fibre Channel inside Ethernet and uses an IP Ethernet network for transport.
  4. NVMe
    The NVMe protocol for accessing flash storage via PCIe. This protocol supports thousands of parallel ques which lends its ability to support thousands of commands.