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managing digital assets requires the right software for your environment
Jody SappingtonSep 29, 2022 2:31:20 PM1 min read

What Is An Example Of A Digital Asset?


A digital asset is any digital file that can be stored on a computer or server. There are countless types of digital assets from video files and audio files to Word and Excel documents.   If you are looking for more on this, we recently went through An Ultimate Guide to Digital Asset Management Software

What Is A Digital Asset?

A digital asset is any file that can be used and stored on a computer. Digital assets are often images, audio, and video files. It is always a file and it can always be stored on your computer or server. 

They can be accessed remotely by people who need them to complete their projects and then they're replaced with new versions when they're updated or changed by the creator. 

A digital asset is anything that can be used for web, print, or other marketing projects. Digital assets can include audio, video, graphics, and project files. 

Examples of digital assets include photo files, video files, audio files, and graphic files. 


The best way to think about a digital asset is anything that can be stored as a file. You may be surprised by how many things fall into this category and how much time you save when using them.