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Commitment To Work: Even Dislike Task Need To Do

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Jul 30, 2019 11:03:00 AM


If you're anything like me you've got work that you like to do and work that you don't like to do. Unfortunately we have to get both done right.

So what are those tasks for you?

For me it's taking care of duplicates in our databases. There is nothing I hate more than the fact that we've got these syncing databases and sometimes duplicates get made and they're not syncing right and all that stuff.

Now here's the truth. Earlier this year in January it's a little bit slower time. Start of the year so that's when I take care of big projects that I don't want to tackle. So I spent probably about 40-60 hours cleaning up this mess because unfortunately  our technical guys they don't know all of our customers and most of our sales guys they don't know how to deal with database issues. So I'm kind of the guy that gets stuck in the middle.

But, we have got to deal with this. Took up all this time. Awful project although I hated it, I got through it and got it done. Now what I learned is if we do this in little bite sized chunks, if I show the team hey do this here do this there. If I take care of this in five minutes once a week it's pretty easy to handle right as bite sized chunks.

It's super easy but when I let it get out of control when I don't touch it for a year suddenly it's a big problem a big mess.

What are those bite sized chunks in your business with your team with your production that you don't address on a regular basis that you should be addressing?

Usually what I've seen with our customers is that this is often backing stuff up and organizing it. Why? Because we all just want to get to the fun work, the work that we want to do.

I'm the exact same way but when we ignore those things when we just say throw that project on a drive and stick it on the shelf we're only making a big mess for ourselves later. So I couldn't encourage you more to get ahead of those little things. Find your 20-mile marches that you can do in little bite sized chunks again and again so that you can actually spend more time doing what you love to do.

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