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So it's 750% more?

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Sep 25, 2019 9:03:50 AM


I'm getting my oil changed and while their doing it, they reach in to pull out one of the filters. They look at it and show it to me asking if I would like to replace it.

So I asked the normal question "How much does that cost?" They tell me its $60. So I pull out my phone and I find this thing on Amazon for $8 bucks, I can have it tomorrow and it's the easiest thing to swap out.

They're trying to charge $60 for this! That's almost infuriating!

We all live in an age where we know what's fair and what's not. I will tell you one thing that drives me nuts is how much companies in our industry charge for expansion storage!

Now there's two types of enclosures, the first are JBODs which stands for 'just a bunch of disks' and then there are enclosures with some type of brains in them. Maybe it has a RAID controller or some processors and their is some intelligence behind what's in that enclosure.

Now most expansion estorage in our industry is built around JBODs and that's literally all it is, an enclosure with a bunch of disks. There's no intelligence built into it.

What drives me insane is the going rate for these things that are literally 16 hard drives and an enclosure that cost a couple grand, is around $30,000! If you're like me and pop out your phone and done the math on that it's infuriating.

So if you're looking at expansion storage, ask your vendor if its a JBOD. If they say yes ask them what's so special about these hard drives that 16 of them costs $30,000. If you do the math on that it comes out to about $2,000 per drive!

So be careful out there and do your research. With my car I ended up just popping it in myself and taking the $52 I saved and took my wife out to dinner.

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