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Jody SappingtonMar 2, 2023 9:00:00 AM1 min read

Remote Video Editing - Sync Workflows

Remote Video Editing - Sync Workflows

Sync Workflows

At ProMAX, we believe that the best way to sync and manage your data is to use a 'user-to-user sync,' which allows people to share data between them without going through a cloud service. The benefit is that once the system is set up, it is simple and quick, with predictable costs. In addition, once set up, users don’t need to change their existing workflow as data is replicated into the same folder for each user simultaneously, just like if they were working on a shared drive in an office.


Key Points

  1. User-to-user sync is a simple and direct method of sharing data and collaborating with others, requiring minimal or no changes to existing workflows to implement and support.
  2. User-to-user sync allows all collaborating users to see the same, up-to-date version of a file at all times, reducing confusion generated by duplication
  3. Like cloud storage, the quality of your user's internet connections is critical in successfully deploying a user-to-user sync workflow.
  4. Unlike cloud storage, there is typically no usage-based monthly cost to user-to-user sync. As a result, the prices of a user-to-user sync system are straightforward and predictable.


The most crucial aspect is that sync allows data sharing between users without using a cloud service. This can be beneficial because it is often faster, less complex, and less expensive than a cloud service.


If you are looking for more information go to or check out our State of the Remote Video Editing Workflow - 2023.