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Not my Fault

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Aug 6, 2019 10:07:00 AM

I was talking to my buddy this morning. He was telling me about how he and one of his employees had a classic case of miscommunication. The employee needed to get something done and asked somebody else for a part of it, who wasn't ultimately responsible and they never got back to him. We all know what happens here, it didn't get done.

This happens all the time between humans but it also happens in software too. One of the things we see is that there are parts of products you can demo and show people, and there are other parts that you don't really know until you get in and start using it in a real environment for several months or even years.

One of those things is how does a product communicate to you? How does it notify you? Are they set up the right way to show you the information you need to know?

This is an area we really put a lot of effort into designing and improving with ProMAX Platform. It is a critical area of software development. 

When you've backed something up, restored something or projects are syncing, how do you know that it is actually happening?

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