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Noodlephant was a Scam!

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Aug 21, 2019 10:00:00 AM


My daughter got this new book called Noodlephant. It's a book about an elephant that likes noodles, crazy right?! 

So I was reading it to my daughter and about halfway through it made a sudden shift, it started having a message of questioning authority and a call-to-arms that I wasn't expecting!

How many times do you see this in the business world? I see it a lot in the content marketing world, you see some high quality content that you like, you download it and then once you start reading it you realize it's just a sales pitch! 

Watch out for that! If you are creating educational content for your customers I would encourage you to make sure it is high quality content and not something that takes a hard shift like Noodlephant!

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