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Taylor HodgettsApr 9, 2020 4:00:00 AM1 min read

How does 10GbE impact shared storage?

For improved data transfer speeds, upgrading your network to 10GbE is one of the easiest ways to improve your performance. If you have a shared storage system you'll notice some differences after  making the switch. So how will a 10GbE network impact your shared storage performance?

Platform actually does integrates pretty seamlessly, it will show you what's connected and what's not. Then you'll definitely see a huge performance between each workstation and the server itself. It is limited depending on what kind of drives you have and how many drives you have, but you'll notice a big difference between 1G and 10GbE it's like 10x. 

The main difference is even to like a single SAS hard drive, a 1G connection is a bottleneck to that single drive. To any RAID set, your 1G connection is going to be  easily a 6-8x your bottleneck. If you add a 10G connection, you're basically just removing the bottleneck of that 1G and you're opening yourself up to easily the full performance of your storage system depending on how many discs you have. That could be something like 400 megabytes per second as opposed to the 100 you're getting or somewhere in the range of like 800 to a 1,000.