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network bandwidth for cloud storage
Skip LevensApr 16, 2020 4:00:00 AM1 min read

How can video editors use Backblaze Cloud Storage

One of the largest hurdles video professionals face with cloud storage is the initial upload of files. Video teams can have 50 terabytes of data or more that they need to archive. Uploading to the cloud over an internet connection can be a lengthy process. To overcome this hurdle, Backblaze has created their Fireball solution to accelerate that process.

Fireball is kinda sort of born of the realization that, you've heard this joke a hundred times. What's the bandwidth of a FedEx truck?

If you're having a hard time beaming a file around, how common has it been to just just pull a hard drive? You can just fill a hard drive and overnight it to the customer and now they can do the previews or they can look at it. But what Backblaze has  done and what ProMAX has integrated with is Fireball. Let's walk through what they call a rapid ingest solution:

  1. Backblaze ships you as 70 terabyte NAS device, you plug it into your network.
  2. The volume is encrypted with credentials out of your account. So only you can open it.
  3. Mount it. It appears on your network exactly as you want your buckets and files and content to show up in your Backblaze account.
  4. You copy content over.
  5. Ship it back to Backblaze and it gets placed right into your Backblaze account. 
So it's a really really fast way to do that initial download. So what's the bandwidth of 70 terabytes on a FedEx truck? It's a lot of content really fast. The point is it really jump starts getting content quickly out of your environment and protected in highly secure cloud.