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Walker center
ProMAX AdministratorApr 9, 2015 5:55:32 AM1 min read

Walker Art Center Protects Precious Artworks with Dual Cache-A Appliances

“Everything we do comes from a mind-set of saving materials for both posterity and future use. That’s why we have a Pro-Cache…”
- Andy Underwood-Bultmann, media producer, Walker Art Center.

Along with the Museum Of Modern Art and the Guggenheim in New York, the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art, and the Hirshhorn in Washington DC.- the Walker Art Center is one of the United States’ “big five” museums for modern art. With the preservation of artworks a key priority, the Walker has been a long-time user of Cache-A archive appliances, an early adopter of the Prime-Cache4, and more recently taking the Pro-Cache6. “It is vital for us to maintain records and archives that scholars and archivists can visit in the future,” says media producer, Andy Underwood-Bultmann. He notes, “That’s why we have Cache-A at the heart of our LTO-tape archive strategy.” Having such a positive experience with the Prime-Cache4, I suggested they take advantage of Cache-A’s Pro-Cache6, as it was the most recent appliance, with 6TB RAID capacity for staging footage before the archive, and enlarged 2.5TB LTO-6 tape capacity. Furthermore, I knew the Pro-Cache-6 would also be able to read our LTO-4 tapes. So it made great sense, and gave us greater security, to have two Cache-A appliances working side-by-side.”