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ProMAX AdministratorApr 9, 2015 6:00:16 AM< 1 min read

REDLab Digital Harnesses Cache-A Archiving Speed & Power on Hollywood Blockbusters

REDLab Digital is a full-service, post-production facility, providing services to a variety of major Hollywood movies, TV series and commercials– from on-set dailies, editorial conform to DI grading, plus VFX, sound and digital mastering, including DCP for theatrical release, and archival.

We needed a bullet-proof solution, from the most reputable manufacturer, that would perform flawlessly right out-of-the-box,” says Andy Hunter, owner and Flame artist at REDLab. Asking around, and researching on-line, Cache-A was the name that kept coming up, discovering that Cache-A build systems are specifically designed the media and entertainment industry.

Ultimately REDLAb found the performance of Cache-A archive appliances, and features like Simul-Copy, to be, “Authentic and absolutely rock-solid.” The company now uses Cache-A LTFS LTO-tape archive appliances; Power-Cache6 with Simul-Copy™ LTO duplication & 10GbE throughput and Pro-Cache5, with a single LTO-5 tape slot, plus 10GbE connectivity, as its frontline toolset to deliver fast, long term protection for original, digital camera negative, and other crucial post-production assets.