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Platform Sails Past Competition Delivering Storage, Asset Management & Archival Solution

by ProMAX Administrator, on Apr 9, 2015 6:36:11 AM

ʻŌiwi TV is serving as media partner for the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s multi-year expedition of the Hokule’a and its escort vessel the Hikianalia, to bring this vibrant cultural and educational program to worldwide audiences.

Preparing for documenting the journey, they knew they would accumulate large quantities of media on this voyage. They also knew that if they didn’t properly organize, and media manage it, that it would be a disaster. Lee explains, “The problem was, we needed more than just storage, we needed everything from networking to Media Asset Management, to long term archival storage. Looking at Platform the idea of a workflow server really made sense to us.” A ProMAX Online Platform workflow server with 634TB SHARE, DAM, TRANSCODE and ARCHIVE modules is currently supporting ʻŌiwi TV’s ongoing productions on land and at sea.

Ten seats of CatDV support their team’s asset management and a pair of LTO6 drives serving all archiving processes. Another key aspect of the media workflow is an existing RAID array that Lee was able to connect to Platform to utilize as Tier 2 storage. Lee says, “I can sleep at night now, because I know that our archive is safe. I’m really confident in the stability of the product and now that we’ve backed things up to LTO, and we have a disaster recovery copy that is all catalogued, it’s changed everything.”

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