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Platform on Location Makes Next Day Delivery Possible

by ProMAX Administrator, on Apr 9, 2015 6:33:30 AM

Brooklyn-based Mustache Agency produces digital and social content designed to inspire audiences to take action. Much of Mustache’s work is for web series and large-scale, multiple video campaigns, where they deploy large teams of editors and artists on location to cover events for PR Agency packages. 

Mustache initially wanted to get a sense of what type of investment was needed to get going with networked shared storage at the studio. What they found was that Platform Studio’s mobility opened up the capability to bring their editing groups on location for shoots and optimizing workflows to meet extreme project turnaround times. The Studio X model Mustache selected is equipped with 32TB of shared storage, an ARCHIVE Module and an LTO5 tape system to provide long term protection to their media assets.

The production workflow fit so well that within 6 months Mustache was adding a second Platform Studio X with the SHARE module providing another 32TB of storage. Now for their live event PR productions, Mustache shoots the event and has the deliverables ready the next morning to blast complete and comprehensive assets to media outlets for online and social media outreach.

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