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Big Truck Speed
Nathaniel CooperJul 23, 2019 10:13:00 AM1 min read

Big Truck Speed and Hard Drive Performance


So what can a 18 year old kid in a big truck teach us about video performance?

Actually quite a bit. So this weekend I'm driving with my family and we've all seen this guy in the rear view mirror right. He's barreling down going 60 miles an hour on surface streets swerving in and out through traffic. Lo and behold what happens? Minutes later we all get to a red light right and we've even gotten in the next lane and pulled ahead of this young girl.

So what does this have to do with network performance? Quite a bit actually. So here's what I've seen. I've seen a lot of video teams and a lot of people make the same mistake, and that's getting obsessed with performance. That's getting obsessed with how fast you can go for a really short amount of time and lose sight of how fast you're getting to your destination. 

Now when you look at those short burst that's how fast that car can go for for a real short amount of time right. And that's just like a black magic speed test or an AJ speed test. These are great tests. They're great measurements but they don't tell you what you can do over a long period of time and they don't tell you what you can do with a group of users on a network system all pushing at the same time. 

I really recommend checking out a blog post that Brian, our VP of Technology put together on sustained performance versus max performance. Critical stuff to understand if you're doing video in a work group where you've got shared storage. Super important to understand. Check it out.


Nathaniel Cooper

As Chief Operating Officer of ProMAX Systems, Nathaniel Cooper, runs ProMAX Systems day to day operations. Cooper has been working with Storage, Backup and Media Management for video and creative professionals since 2001. Cooper has lead the design and deployment of some of the largest media systems in the world including a range of customers from NFL, MLB & NBA teams, US Military operations, and many of the worlds largest PR agencies and consumer brands. Cooper has spent the last 9 years as part of the ProMAX team and specializes in translating complex technical issues and options into easily understandable concepts.