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Shared Storage Solutions for Video Teams

Work Smarter

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Never Run Out of Storage Again

External hard drives, random servers, a little cloud here, a little LTO there... temporary storage solutions always lead to running out of space and keep you from what you need to do.

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Better Remote Workflows

Feel like WFH should be as good as being at the office?  We agree.  Find projects, move data quicker and stop wasting time with versioning.

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Total Data Protection

It's assumed that you are properly protecting hundreds of TB's of data...  We give you simple tools and training to make sure you can.

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Solutions for Any Video Team


Work from Office

Connect the editors in your office to a central database. Share files and create efficiency for your editors. 


Work From Home

Remote teams need an easy way to access and share files. Connect your remote editors and sync files with them in real-time.



Setup a central database and connect your in-house and remote editors. Sync files with your entire team regardless of their location.


Teams Like Yours Trust ProMAX



Why Video Teams Choose ProMAX Systems


Built for Video Editors

Performance to edit, features like ProRes encoding and no need to be an IT professional to manage your data properly.


Work Direct

From Fair Pricing to our Risk-Free Program - enjoy the ease of a single vendor from Design to Training. 


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Reliable Support

With a 22:1 Positive Support Ratio ProMAX Systems ranks above HubSpot's World Class support standards.

Want to test us?  Submit a ticket at and see what happens.


About Us


 Video storage is the backbone of professional video production.  For 25 years we've been designing and supporting that backbone.

Most storage solutions are overly complicated or don't focus on the unique performance needs of video teams. Our goal is to address the common storage issues that impact the creative process.

At ProMAX Systems,  we build storage solutions that simplify the way video editors interact and share their media files.