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Simple, fast shared storage for video editing workflows.

Your video team needs an efficient way to manage your media files. Pairing premium shared storage with workflows optimized for video editing enables your on-premise or remote video production team to collaborate on projects quickly.

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Connect your video team remotely using ProMAX Platform and MediaHub

ProMAX Platform software for shared storage for video editing
MediaHub shared storage for video editing

Creative teams need an effective video production workflow to when working on projects. ProMAX Platform and MediaHub are shared storage solutions for video production teams to store and manage their media files in a centralized place enabling collaboration. Even teams that work remotely can collaborate on projects by utilizing a peer-to-peer network and MediaHub.

Who uses ProMAX Platform?

Video teams of all shapes and sizes need functional shared storage solutions. Small creative agencies, corporate marketing & video production teams as well as government and educational institutions can benefit from the collaboration and centralization ProMAX Platform and MediaHub can provide.

ProMAX Platform seamlessly integrates with the full suite of adobe professional video tools and other widely used video editing software allowing your team to have a collaborative workflow no matter which tools you use.

How can ProMAX Platform and MediaHub improve your video editing workflow?

Collaboration is key to an effective video editing workflow. Instead of passing large hard disk drives from editor to editor, ProMAX Platform can give your entire editorial team access to the files they need when they need them. For remote editors, ProMAX MediaHub turns your home office into an extension of your storage network enabling collaboration in real-time.

Check out our product pages to see how Platform + MediaHub can improve your video editing workflow.

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