Technical Specifications
How To Buy

12 or 16 Cores of Processing Power

With effectively 16 separate CPU's in the system and each CPU handling two tasks
at the same time, the ProMAX ONE can effectively work on 32 tasks simultaneously.
When working with media and running high end software applications like Avid
Media Composer® , Adobe CS5 ® and others, this additional processing power is
critical. After editing on the ProMAX ONE, you won't be able to go back!

Hear Yourself Think

Creating your masterpiece with a jet engine whirring in the background is unnerving.
But when you edit on the ProMAX ONE you will be surprised at how quiet it is.
We designed it to be as quiet as a mouse while still providing the cooling protection
you need for 2 very powerful CPU's and a rack full of disk storage.

4 Boot Drives

With 4 available boot drives, you can configure
the ProMAX ONE with the ultimate flexibility for
your workflow. Perhaps one drive is your AVID Drive,
One Drive is for color correction with DaVinci or
Scratch and of course one drive is a cold boot backup
for emergencies. And since these drive trays are removable,
you can pop another one in when you need to.

Solid Steel Construction

Cheap plastic parts are not available in the ProMAX
ONE. The entire enclosure is made of solid steel for a
durable and long lasting computer that will give you
years of productivity.

6 - 12 - 18 TB of Fast RAID Storage

Why maintain a separate attached storage unit for your footage? The ProMAX ONE comes with
6 removable drive bays attached to an internal RAID controller for fast protected tier 1 storage.
Delivering up to 1,000MB/sec, you have the speed and capacity to work with almost any footage
on almost any project.

And just in case 18TB of raw storage isn't enough, the built in RAID controller has a SAS
expansion port that allows you to daisy chain another storage device.

Archive to Tape

Without the source tape to revert to in an emergency,
backup of raw footage coming in from your camera is no
longer an option. The ProMAX ONE can be configured with
an LTO-4 or LTO-5 tape drive built in for simple backup
operations or long term storage.

With 1.5TB of data storage per tape and a tape cost of less
than $50, this is a highly cost effective option to backup
your media and preserve your fast storage space.

NVIDIA Quadro Professional Graphics

As if the 24 threads of CPU power aren't enough, we have tested
and offer the ProMAX ONE with NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics
cards for GPU acceleration. This additional power is used in many
pro video applications today like Adobe CS, SCRATCH & SCRATCH Lab.

With 2GB / 256 CUDA Cores on the Quadro 2000 to 6GB / 448 CUDA Cores on the
Quadro 6000, the ProMAX ONE and NVIDIA will accelerate your speed and workflow
like never before.

On Set Ingest

With access to every type of connection imaginable, the
ProMAX ONE front panel allows quick access to USB (2.0 & 3.0),
Firewire 400, and eSata connections for quick ingest.

And if your camera records to SxS, P2 or CF, the optional
built in Card Reader provides multiple slots for the ultimate
in flexibility.

Lockable Front Door

Because of the critically sensitive content you work with,
walking away from your system for just a few minutes can
be concerning. So we provided a locking front door with key
that gives you the peace of mind that goes beyond a password.


With the optional Rack Mounting Kit, the ProMAX ONE fits easily into a
computer server rack or quiet rack for ultimate protection, cooling and security.