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ProMAX Services vs Support

What is Support? 

The restoration of functionality and integrity of ProMAX servers and their clients previously installed configuration due to software or hardware issues.

Support Examples:

  • Break/Fix of hardware related Issues
  • Server/client communication issues to previously working clients
  • Server downtime from previously functioning configurations
  • Client downtime for existing clients
  • Software errors

What is Service? 

Service is any request for changes to new or existing ProMAX servers or clients, workflow consulting, training, system monitoring, reinstallations or similar.  Services may include troubleshooting on systems exercising issues  due to customer initiated changes to the ProMAX hardware or related network environment. 

Service Examples:

  • New Server configuration (MediaHub included)
  • Initial Install, Relocation, Domain Join/Unjoin, Network Changes, OS Reimages, OS Upgrades
  • Managing/Monitoring software upgrades
  • Managed data migration
  • New client set up
  • Server downtime due to client changes to server or network
  • Workflow training
  • Training 
  • Sync configuration