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The Three Reasons your video team needs shared storage

by Matthew Mister, on Jan 9, 2020 2:17:00 PM

Hey everyone, Matt from ProMAX here and last week someone reached out to me and asked. “Hey, why should I be using shared storage?” And my response to that was pretty simple Speed, Performance and Capacity.

I was speaking to one of our customers several months ago and they were telling me before they started using one of our systems, they were jumping around and playing musical workstations. Literally jumping from workstation to workstation so they could work on files simultaneously.

When you're using external hard drives as a single editor they’re a great option, they're lightweight and they're affordable but as you can see when you go into a team environment, they suddenly become a lead weight that slows your team down.

When it comes to performance, these are strictly made for storage. When we're talking about a shared storage system. you're going to have hardware that's built into it like a CPU or GPU that are going to help speed up your video performance and help you get through those projects a lot faster than you would.

Third is capacity. When you're looking at external hard drives. They have a capacity of a couple terabytes. There's some that can get up there a little bit but when you're talking about shared storage we're talking about systems that can expand into the petabytes. That's a lot of capacity, which means you have a lot of freedom to work on a lot of projects and get everything you need done.

So, why do you need shared storage? Speed your team up, Performance to boost your video and capacity so that you can work on a lot of projects. Thanks and have a great one.

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