Improving your video workflow with shared storage

by Mike Dang, on Jan 9, 2020 2:16:03 PM


Why use shared storage for your video team?

That's pretty easy. It's just you're in a video team, you want to share your storage all together. If you're doing old-school tactics and using a single drive and you're sharing it between each user gets kind of old school.

You don't want to keep doing that kind of work flow where you just using tactics where you plug into a computer and then you transfer that that data to someone else's computer. You're going back and forth. Waiting until a file is updated. Sending that back to my other editor. A lot of back-and-forth in your workflow just sucks.

With shared storage, everything is one spot Everyone's able to access all the same time and live time and this just makes life a little bit easier. The thing is also speeds and also security. So if you're using a RAID 5 system with 16 drives and let's say one fails you're still in the clear. You can still rebuild. If you have one drive that you're sharing between all your editors and fails you’re just kind of out of luck. You have to do data recovery what not and it's just a pain.

So you're looking at you know security of your data the speeds also with network attached and also like live time. It's just the ease of use so I'll make sense. Well, if so, why not?


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